How to view Data queue on AS400

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Command to Dump Object


2. wrksplf

Search for QPSRVDMP

3. Select display on it and user Shift F8 and page-down to see content of the queue.


Apropos to Habib Bank Limited (HBL) Internet Banking Security

•September 16, 2011 • 2 Comments

One good day i happen to get a link shared from one of my friend saying that you’re one of the developer various banks IB you should check this one out i responded back with my comments on that blog but soon i was moderated to respond on it and then a series of email exchange started between us .

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Hacking into .NET Applications a newbie guide

•August 25, 2011 • 2 Comments

As always .. its been a long time since i blogged about any thing .. I was bored today had nothing good to do so i thought of writing a blog entry to boost traffic of this freaky blog a little bit.

Ever since i got a job i have been forced to transform from a typical *nix geek to a .Netter.. Sad though but it’s a fact.

Invading an application code that’s written in *nix require a hell lot of debugging experience + playing with registers of system however with the ease of programming that is provided by .NET comes in pitfalls of it their are couple of  companies developing a very professional reflector for all versions of .NET . Most of the production environment code  that  is out their doesn’t contain any form of obfuscation hence are very prone to cracking/hacking. I would be giving a demo as to how to invade into a simple .NET Application

So we will Write One Console application that will in-term calls a DLL ( Dynamic Link Library  ) to perform certain task .
As i have been working for banking industry let us call our console application to be a service that triggers a Funds transfer from One banking account to some other banking account.

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PHP/MYSQL Database Tuning/Optimizing

•December 26, 2009 • 4 Comments

Hey there all ssup! my xams are over now .. though there had been quite couple of things going around with my lyfe i finally took out some spare time to write a blog entry.. Well quite recently i have encountered a problem which is quite weird i have setup a small site with a huge data set.. really huge… My DB Structure was fairly simple 3 tables were there for illustrative purpose i will name them

Table_A_B (Relation ship of A and B )

Table A contained Lots and lots of data where as table B have relatively small number of data in it.

In my interface application there was an option of Search in which i was fetching out data from Table_A with relationship of Table_A_B

the query i used to fetch out rows was like

SELECT col1,col2
FROM Table_A WHERE id_TableA IN (

SELECT TableA_id
FROM Table_A_B
WHERE Table_Bid =1
AND Col1 Like (‘%query%’);

With a data set of 300000 it took 2 minutes to retrieve the search result out of it. That was really pissing me off.

After executing the same query with Explain i found out only one index was being hit which was one of the reason of query taking so long Now i have to make indexes.

Then i Google around and found that i could make Full-text search index on the col1 But guess what Mysql Only supports Full Text search indexes on MyISAM Tables and i had InnoDB Tables which cannot be transformed into MyISAM due to constraints.. Shit Happens.. Nevertheless so Now in this case what i did was to replicate the tables and set my default table type to MyISAM this was easy

Create Table Table_A_Copy SELECT * From Table_A

After doing that you will have a copy of the Table_A however no indexes / Primary key/ FK Constraints  would be there you have to make a primary key plus indexes and now this time you can make Full Text Indexes.

And off course you have to change your code/Query  to use the new tables there would be a marginal increase in searching after doing this 😉 the query would look some thing like this
SELECT col1,col2
FROM Table_A WHERE id_TableA IN (

SELECT TableA_id
FROM Table_A_B
WHERE Table_Bid =1
AND Match(col1) AGAINST(‘”search query”‘ IN BOOLEAN MODE)

Mysql Reference manual for Full text search can be found out here

see ya folks and a very happy new year to all of ya 🙂

Google ad @ Gmail.

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Well this was all of the sudden i looked at my inbox and was laughing like hell! man it reminds me of good old days when i use to travel in wagons and coaches ! ROFL!

Random Rantings!

•March 22, 2009 • 1 Comment

Write now am pissed !! And Where else to go with your frustrations !! Offcourse your blog !

— When some random friend of your’s talk shit ! What would u do ! Slap the shit out of him/her ?! Or say him/her  to fuck off !

Well the things are pretty straight if you do what i just said above.! But you simply can’t on times you can’t!

Then what are the ways to topify ! or to say things indirectly!

1. Simply stop talking with him/her. ! ( The best way though they GAY one )!.

2. Be Quick Pick up a phone call some one who’s your friend and his/her friend as well go on with your pitty story and in the end when the guy asks you why are you telling him all the shit simply ask him to call back that shit hoe and say him/her to fuckk off from your side.

3. Be nice be gently give a smile and with all the emotions filled over your face ask him ! Is it that what you deserve.! and if he/she reply back with yes ! this is what you deserve see the line starting with “–” .

4. Put your self in his/her place ask yourself a question that “what if ” at his place and if still the things look wierd go to line starting with  “–”

Well this is it from me but you guys can add up what ever you think in it .. to make the list more comprehensive.

Post the T-F-26-09

•February 26, 2009 • 2 Comments

“It’s being a while i blogged about any thing”  < —  Repeated again!
Any ways i just visited my own blog after hell lot of tyme ! why ? usually  my lyfe loops(work -> home -> movie -> sleep -> work ) around any ways i just found Nadia,Bina tagged me so this post would be about this taggnig stuff


6 weird habits/things about yourself


The initial player of this “game” starts with the topic “6 weird habits/things about yourself” and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly.
I removed in the End part because it sounds more like Yeh Email 5 aur ko forward karain nahi to bohat bura hoga raat mein tumhain Babar-shair kha jayega lol!

1st. I talk loud ! even on the places where i am not supposed to 😉

2nd. I can go to sleep while talking over phone at night.

3rd.  I can get tensed very easily

4th.  I Sleep less then 5 hours daily :p

5th.  I google alot.! More then what you can imagine.

6th.  I am a opportunist. 😉