I have been chatting around…. Rocking as usual! But some thing unusual Happened!.
a friend of mine DoN^MeGa told me that a gurl can tell you over the net that what you are wearing and doing right now i was like… Duck my sick man it cant be ..until and unless i went into her private

Session Start: Sat Mar 24 01:14:51 2007
Session Ident: Bewitch
[01:14] <Azeem> hmm
[01:15] <Bewitch> why gusy shout at me when i tel the truth 😦
[01:15] <Azeem> Dont know
[01:15] <Azeem> are u into witch craft?
[01:16] <Bewitch> yes
[01:16] <Azeem> Sad.
[01:16] <Azeem> From when ur into it?
[01:16] <Azeem> And whats your age?
[01:20] <Bewitch> its not a decent question 😛
[01:26] <Azeem> do u know what am doing right now
[01:26] <Bewitch> im busy wit others
[01:26] <Bewitch> pl come laterz
[01:26] <Bewitch> i need concentration
[01:27] <Azeem> if u can tell me
[01:27] <Azeem> i would give u what ever u want
[01:27] <Bewitch> lol
[01:27] <Azeem> Just for confirmation
[01:27] <Azeem> if u can
[01:27] * Bewitch can see in her magic mirror that Azeem is a modest guy cant give her much 😛
[01:32] <Azeem> hmm
[01:32] <Azeem> its not enough
[01:32] <Azeem> are u busy
[01:33] <Azeem> if u tell it correctly i ill use u
[01:33] <Azeem> to identiat weather a nick is a girl or not
[02:20] <Azeem> stil here?
[02:50] <Azeem> Still there?
[02:50] <Bewitch> yes
[02:51] <Azeem> So i asked u some thing
[02:51] <Azeem> and u were away
[02:52] <Bewitch> u were eating somthing
[02:52] <Azeem> hmm
[02:52] <Azeem> yeah
[02:52] <Bewitch> u were away na
[02:52] <Azeem> i was
[02:52] <Azeem> wwaiting for your reply and u werent replyin
[02:53] <Azeem> anyway
[02:53] <Azeem> ur wrong
[02:53] <Azeem> i wasnt eating
[02:53] <Bewitch> but i saw u eating or drinking somthing
[02:53] <Azeem> No
[02:53] <Azeem> I didnt eat any thing
[02:53] <Bewitch> maybe im wrong i aint that expert rite now
[02:55] <Azeem> Sahi
[02:56] <Bewitch> <Bewitch> Bewitch> BaD\KiD is interested in both girls and boys
[02:56] <Bewitch> <Bewitch> <Bewitch> lol
[02:56] <Bewitch> <Bewitch> <BaD\KiD> ohhhhhhhhhh 😮
[02:56] <Bewitch> <Bewitch> <BaD\KiD> hey….
[02:56] <Bewitch> <Bewitch> <BaD\KiD> tum yeh saab kaisey janti ho?
[02:56] <Bewitch> <Bewitch> <Bewitch> i have gins with me
[02:56] <Bewitch> <Bewitch> <BaD\KiD> cool….
[02:56] <Bewitch> <Bewitch> <BaD\KiD> can u tell me when i will die?
[02:56] <Bewitch> <Bewitch> <Bewitch> i cant its in GOD hands
[02:56] <Bewitch> <Bewitch> <BaD\KiD> acha…..
[02:56] <Bewitch> <Bewitch> <BaD\KiD> tell me something abt my future….
[02:58] <Bewitch> actaully when i concentrate about you i saw a guy in shalwar kameez playing with somthing and drinking /eating
[02:58] <Bewitch> maybe i am wrong
[02:58] <Bewitch> its just my hobby
[02:59] <Azeem> Dont practice such things
[02:59] <Azeem> a suggestion!
[02:59] <Azeem> Consider it a suggestion
[03:00] <Bewitch> and now i can feel that you are trying to enter my identity
[03:00] <Azeem> Well am not
[03:00] <Azeem> i donno who are u
[03:00] <Azeem> and i don wana know either
[03:00] <Azeem> You are one Pathetic Looser ! and dont give a shit to you
[03:00] <Azeem> i was curious to know about u
[03:00] <Azeem> but i realized that i dont have to
[03:01] <Azeem> But i just wanted to give ya a suggestion that
[03:01] <Bewitch> anyways ! thanks for talking
[03:01] <Bewitch> bye
[03:01] <Azeem> dont Practice such things
[03:02] <Azeem> (: It was nice talking with you
[03:02] <Azeem> Bye

Session Start: Sat Mar 24 03:02:25 2007
Session Ident: Bewitch
[03:02] Session Ident: Bewitch (~BLKmagic@kinzahussain.users.undernet.org)
[03:02] <Bewitch> mr. Azeem i can se u in shalwar kameez thin structured and medium height
[03:02] <Bewitch> but i cant see more
[03:02] <Bewitch> there is a barrier
[03:02] <Bewitch> bye

And at that time i was in a shalwar kameez .. i rarely dressed up in shalwar kameez But anyways.

I asked one of my friend to talk to her. and this lady told her every thing about her.. i was like wtf! she is some thing real i went through the net then i searched through what witch craft is… damn! She is a witch and witch and witch

Be aware !!



~ by Azeem on March 26, 2007.

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