11 Responses to “Adding users on Ubuntu box via File”

  1. I’ve had this same problem, but I found that I can use chpasswd, which reads a file of usernames and password pairs from standard input.

  2. There can be other workaround no doubt ! 🙂

  3. echo “passwd” | passwd –stdin username

    Same thing, no expect script required.

  4. well i did try this thing out but it didn’t works on all distros as far as i rememba

  5. cool script – helped us save a lot of time creating our student accounts for our school – Thanks 😉

  6. tried adding but unable to login

  7. should the users be given privileges to login

  8. Thank you very much..

  9. Very useful, thank you for sharing!

  10. echo “passwd” | passwd –stdin username

    –stdin option does not work with Ubuntu OS so i think need to use expect script.

    I am trying to make script using zenity which will prompt the user for changing their password from a graphical utility. When i ll complete it, i ll share it.

  11. My friend,
    thank you very much!

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