First marketing then Software engineering

I am totally pwned… Got 23 out of 50 in marketing 1st mid. and 14 in software engineering 2 darn… i am gone.. this is the worst result i have ever had in my uni life.. i need to study..i am already done with a schedule on how i have to manage the tasks of studying.Talked with sir Ubaid Aftab a very enthusthiastic teacher of marketing to help me cope up with that he agreed to change the weightage of the second mids when it comes to teaching he is too good in it and very helpful for the second mids i have to prepare alot this time no “Haram khorry” at all..Studies comes first..


~ by Azeem on October 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “First marketing then Software engineering”

  1. Hey, you’ll make it, inshaAllah! All the best for the 2nd mids and the marketing project!!

  2. In fact, all the best for all the projects!

  3. Yeah hope so..

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