Tweaking with Joomla — Frontpage.

Ok this is the first time i am blogging about joomla.. i never get time to blog about joomla since i started blogging Its one hell good Open source CMS.

One good tweak i found about Joomla was to show custom page on frontpage

It’s as simple as that

Create your page

Make a menu item of it.

Unpublish the Home – Front page menu item

move Your page to the top i.e. 1st position and publish it.

all done your’e custom page/content would be showed now on the front page.


~ by Azeem on October 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “Tweaking with Joomla — Frontpage.”

  1. Hi

    Thanks, I’ve looking for how to do this.


  2. Are you experienced enough to do some Joomla tweaking/mods?
    I’d like to migrate a given Mambo 4.5 template to Joomla 1.5 native, plus a few other tweaks here and there.

  3. Of course you’ll be rewarded for it. Thanks.

  4. A big thanx for this post. After googling hard for 2hours, I finally hit this page.

  5. how customise joomla template…
    i am uusing my css and my html pages… how can i customise

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