PRADO — PHP Framework.

Couple of days back i read about prado a php framework for RAD.

I always thought of i will one day try to code in it all of the sudden yesterday i downloaded PRADO and started playing with it.

The installation is quite straight forward.

un extract prado in your www or Webdirectory then visit


If the conclusion says
Your server configuration satisfies minimum requirements by PRADO. Please pay attention to the warnings listed below.

Then you’re all set to use it open up shell prompt.

cd /www/public_html/prado/framework

php prado-cli firstproject

This will create the hierarchy of prado based project.

then mv firstproject /www/public_html/

to move it to a directory from where you can see it



You will see

Welcome to PRADO!

now open

pico  firstproject/protected/pages/

This page will contain the interface of the page showing up.

now add

<com:TButton ID=”FirstButton” Text=”Abc” OnClick=”Callme”>


between it. <body>

This will create a button However for this thing to work you have to create home.php

as well and in it you have to define Callme.


class Home extends TPage
public function Callme($sender,$param)
$sender->Text=’Change button’;


this will change the button text  Change button .

PRADO also comes up with Dreamweaver extension placed in editors\dreamweaver folder  is the extension of prado that auto completes PRADO tags in Dreamweaver just type

<com: and the list will appear.

i would be starting development in it. inshALLAH if time allows me to . 😉


~ by Azeem on October 6, 2007.

7 Responses to “PRADO — PHP Framework.”

  1. What type of application will you developing in Prado? Is it easy to use for a Delphi/Vb developer?

  2. For a delphi developer i would recommend using CakePHP however for a .net developers PRADO would be the way to go.

  3. hi azim
    im also using PRADO but i dont see any editers dir in package

  4. Hey zahoora which version you’re using!

  5. actually PRADO was developed in first place with Delphi in mind so I would recommend it for Delphi and .NET developers!

  6. Salam alikoum oua rahmatou ALLAH oua barakatouhou
    Can you send me a manuals about prado and prado php framework

  7. Currently i use Prado which before i use Code Igniter, it’s so different way but still in PHP Coding.

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