27 Responses to “Hacking in to Rapidshare.”

  1. great!

  2. Awesome dude .. simply awesome !!! two thumbs up

  3. could you please post those scripts??? so I can do my own site, thanks in advance. :))))) thanks for helping

  4. all the scripts that i haved used are defined above however if you want any help with making it work let me know.

  5. Yes that would be great, please compile those files (html, js, php etc) wich are needed to make that site, after that I can edit it to fit with my needs (I can do that myself) And please upload it in 1 package (rar) with extra instructions if needed (readme) thanks a million bro ๐Ÿ˜€



  7. […] Hacking in toย Rapidshare. […]

  8. I don’t believe it


  10. Fresh rapidshare premium accounts





  11. Could you please send me the script to jacques@webdew.co.za good work I love this board!!

  12. BRO CAN U GIVE Me one acccount pls… in rs

    ae4ea_orejas@yahoo.com thnx dude ur such a great hucker im hucker 2 but im using visual basic only like winsock……..thnx dude can u give me one and i dondt chane the pass.

  13. Really cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Really cool. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mein beth ke aik aik part download karti hoon and you have to wait in between too. So really really good. If I could only make some sense out of it ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. Yeah it’s cool until you know how to use it the basic idea behind it is to find out XSS vulnerability in a website and use it i found xssed the best place to search well known site with XSS Vulerabilities.

  16. HI guys great job , anyone can share some premium accounts ? email : chapyment@yahoo.com Thanks alot

  17. itz not working bro… i tried it.. i need some guidence

  18. i want to ask about “rs.php”, i have been wrote the code but i can’t execute..please help me, i’m newbie, when i execute rs.php from my website i just get the blank page..

    i try execute “rs.php” from your website, i get page of rapidshare.com,but from my website i just get the blank page..

    thanks 4 your help

  19. Update!!!
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    Download it now, before it’s removed.

  20. By any chance could i please have a RS Account Plus you a really good hacker btw


  21. mr azimyasin would you pls contact me at sife@bsdmail.org .

  22. hey azimyasin

    i was wondering if you have a spare rapid share account..

  23. can any one give a premium account… mail to arjun.raja321@gmail.com

  24. plz sent a working script to moncy12345@gmail.com

  25. Hi,
    this is very useful to us.

    Good Luck

  26. please please if u have a rs premium account please mail it to

  27. thank you for sharing this information … nice

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