One more reason to love Ubuntu! WEP Cracking!

In fast!! If you have ever gone through the frustration of getting WIFI enable on your laptop then you’re not the first one out there there are 100’s among you who hate to sit aside network room waiting for a ONLY GUY named “Farhan” to come up and configure it on your laptop with his suspicious way of entering WEP Key would make you think that you are perhaps asking him to open up a BANK LOCKER !!! and off course if you have ubuntu on your box then no one out there in the network room would be able to configure it and if you make your box Look Sexy as VISTA..with Compiz or Beryl they would start Searching Control panel on your pc. Happens!! Don’t get frustrated!

WEP Cracking is the way to go ! First configure your Wireless (“This is what you have to do on your own”)

Then Visit and ROCK the town 😉


~ by Azeem on December 11, 2007.

One Response to “One more reason to love Ubuntu! WEP Cracking!”

  1. Am gonna try this on 19th!!!

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