FAST After Violence

Some snaps i got through mubi’s PC ! Of FAST my uni being ruined by those morons!


Zahid bhai place


Seminar again


~ by Azeem on January 7, 2008.

12 Responses to “FAST After Violence”

  1. Terrible! Someone jinxed our uni! Buri nazar, you know!

  2. Stupid idiots. I think the management needs to have better security in place from now on. The same old guard with a rusty gun wont do anymore. There has to be a well armed group who can guard the premises 24/7.

    Sure this will add to costs but it wont be more than losing days of education. With the insane fee they are taking from students these days, i dont think a few grands will be a big issue.

    – Abdullah (GOF 2002)

  3. painful!

  4. […] about FAST-NUCES under attack after Benzair Death, recently I came across these pictures from Azim’s Blog , it is really sad to see all this happening to our beloved university. Here I must appreciate the […]

  5. buri nazar nahi be nazir!

    i dont know uni ka kia fault tha assassination mein.

  6. It is sad to see how looters have not even left institutions standing. The question which comes to mind is; what do you do with a nation which is bent on self-destruction.

  7. Dammit…!


  8. Cant believe my eyes 😦

  9. I dont even see the point of doing all this!! If these are the sort of ppl who endorsed Benazir then I am glad shes dead and will never be the PM again

  10. A very terrible and shocking news!!!!
    INSHALLAH our University will recover soon!!!

  11. i agree :/

  12. This sure is rediculous this all looked very planned, ppl fight on roads to show thier anger but at thsi remote location no one was thier to get harrassed by thier act. It was not even went on air why the hell they targeted this no other thoguht came to ma mind that it was all planned by someone to take advantage of the assassination. Have university filed FIR yet.

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