Digitaleyez 2008

Hey there guys !! its being long i blogged about any thing that was because of the trip to ISB in NasCON and Comsats Visiopark ! and then Digitaleyez !! The event of the webmasters ! Which started with a very limited scope and marely any thing in our hand We started of with the vision to held a Media sciences
event Webmasters being a techy university club going to held a media science sounds ODD!
isn’t it but we had a vision and we need to prove ourself to be one of the best clubs out there in FAST-NU

The first thing that we need to do was to get handsome amount of money to make a tine-tiny event a big one “Talha Ghauri the MAN !”
Who at first looks to me as a legacy of the previous webmasters turns out to be one of the key-players in making digitaleyez the most happening event in the history of FAST-NU! We initially got Nuvica as the first Sponser for Digitaleyez ! “Ali raza Sheikh the guy
behind Dev-next & Nuvica” was fortunately in my IM list and i dont know why all of the
sudden i msged him saying “Ali bhai Paisoon ka kia huwa Nuvica nay jo Sponser kiye thay Digitaleyez
kay liye” And he started on criticizing on THE WEBMASTERS ! Of not being good enough to follow up
there Sponsers i felt so embaracing and promised him to be followed up properly!
on the very next day i went to lab and started writing formal stuff as what a sponser wants
all of the sudden i saw Talha doing the same i gave the material i had to him and left the lab and
when i get back he asked me to do a signature on the sponser related stuff on that i told him to change all
the written material to not include my name but his as a marketing executive i dont know if that motivated him so much or what he started working so
hard over the sponsers stuff that i was astonish the proof of his hard work can be ideate from the
fact that we got one sponsor on 11 April and DE was to be held on 12 april. “Talha !! The guy am really proud of ”

Then comes ammar! The guy who got away with the prize of “critic of the year” in FAST-NU ! He was lazy at first but after a single mail i fired over digital eyez mailing list flushed
the fire within him he called me after reading that mail and started out his frustration and
criticizing as “Mujhay Kataya ja raha hai” i can understand his frustration because of my mail and him
being criticized by juniors but that mail became one of the primary factor of him working with full of his potential day and night designing all of the stuff all the time! and yelling on the event day
” YEH SAB EM TEAM SAY POOCHAY BAGAIR HORAHA HAI” i am not responsible for any upleasent thing that might occur during the event. and i be yelling on him ! with full of my vulgar vocab! and him being listening to it SORRY DUDE ! SORRY ! FOR THAT AGAIN!

Then comes Faisal Abdi! A very “Shareef sa bacha ” who can be fooled by any one He be the first one to listen all the Vulgar vocab of mine because him being always confused about things! and asking them from me all the time !
I was scared from start because he was the guy handling all Participant relations and guest relations and i was told that he will screw up things for me but guess what he was the guy who did all of
his jobs with great dedication asking participant to calm down all the time  with a GAY smile on his
face! along him comes arsalan. Adeel was the guy responsible for guests and cheif guest with a impression of being girli boy he worked his best to get cheif guest as mustafa kamal and farooq sattar but in the end university screwed up with him however he always had a backup plan and it worked.

Then comes Immi the TLC daddy! with his creativity he rocks ammar gave me the idea to assosiate tlc with digitaleyez i asked immi and he atonce replied lets go for it he started visiting uni’s collages
and promoting digitaleyez without his support we wouldnt have got that huge response from the audience all over Karachi.!

Then comes Baba,Shayan,Ahmed sameem, Imtiaz, Naushairwa,Khalid,Kamran aka Kami!  you guys rock! Shani Thanks for everything you have put forwarded and your contribution being the 911 for digitaleyez arranging every thing while i was being flooded by the queries from all over the campus! Baba Imti Ahmed kami for being on spot all the time for me thank you guys !! i love you all ! Naushairwa for the security Suwalat for doing all the harkatain and all !.

Then Yasir- The in media guy to cover all the event being with me all the time arranging stuff
and the spider web he made for the Xpressions but yasir
“Perfection nahi thi dost !! 3rd wali lag rahi thi “.

Then Uzair and Suhaib the Brainiac guys ! the playtv guys asking them for
who is the emperor of Russia !! heh they were the last minute organizer Arif for making
an application for quiz in the night Mustafa, Osama, for porting the same in FLASH! and Uzayr a web-
dev accepting the pics by evaluating the name of the sender heh. thx guys u all rox 😀

Atif for doing arrangment for webdesign and securing the LAB as a Security goon!

Saad waqar for appearing all of the sudden and walking along till the end.

Asad as a rescue guy for photography competition and making the video!

Hamza farooq for doing the last minute speech organizing and screwing it up but hey! happens no need to blame any one 😉 Offcourse he wrote a speech for me 😉

Bina/Nadia for arranging photography competition

Saad for arranging short movie competition

Hina The-P the Big P of the webmasters the pretty women! Expression less you cant distinguish b/w her being angry or happy! She gets angry when u ask her “Who was your valentine”
while she being busy! great aurat all in all always on spot dedicated and co operative.!

” Rafi bhai ” who gave us the vision for this event ! and supported us all the way till the end of this event!

Sir Pervez Mohsin for helping us up coordinating with faculty!

In the end i would like to thank the entire crew of The webmasters & Digitaleyez for
making this event one of the rocking event ever held in FAST ! Thanks for all the support you guys
have done for making this event a success and with out you all this event wouldnt be possible! If in the rush i have hurted any one i am sorry for that i hope you guys have a great plans for
Digitaleyez 2009 and you guys would continue to make this event happening thanks to all the pariticpants for coming in looking forward to see you in 2009!

“When there is unity there is always victory.”~ Publilius Syrus




~ by Azeem on April 13, 2008.

13 Responses to “Digitaleyez 2008”

  1. I love you Team! I seriously Do! Thank you everyone! It was one hell of an effort that paid off. When it came to things from petty tissue paper boxes, to plain white cloth sheets to sofa’s to tents and everything! We took everything in our own hand. I worked with sleeves up above my elbows and what not, ignoring the badge on me that said ‘Senior Executive, Event Management’!!

    I am proud of everyone! Especially the people mentioned by azeem.

  2. Congrats to DigitalEyez Team, you guys/girls really did a superb job, Congrats again! We as sponsors are really happy with this event as this was our first event that we sponsored in Pakistan.

    Axeem, my criticizing on THE WEBMASTERS is just because i want you people to learn things quick and fast! In the end, SORRY from my end if Nuvica gave you people some hard time.

  3. ammar
    we OWE you a BLOG POST too 😛

  4. I’v written a short one, my actual experience will be up by tonyt insha Allah!

  5. Hello Azeem , tyte mera bhi naam hai …
    2009 me aap nahi hogey 😦

  6. HATS OFF to all organizers!!

  7. congratulations to all the WMs and digitaleyez team .. we Rocked !!

  8. hmm … getting the videos/photographs of the participants at about 4.30 am on the event day was adventurous … Atif bhai and all gave me a good time … 🙂

  9. it was a success from the day it started…i had this gutt feeling…and we all proved it….team effort always pays off…
    thank u webmasters for associating us in this great event…
    thank u hina, azeem, faisal and ammar and all those beautiful people associated…
    luv u all, just dont tell my grl 😉
    it was a preveilage to work with u…hope ul giv us a chance nxt tym as well 🙂

    TLC P,

    xtreme madness

  10. oye hoey, mera bhi naam hai =D

  11. […] point of view, to read more about the DigitalEyez experience, lots of people blogged about it here, here, here , here and here. So, at the end, my mail to the team, faculty and dean says […]

  12. […] point of view, to read more about the DigitalEyez experience, lots of people blogged about it here, here, here , here and here. So, at the end, my mail to the team, faculty and dean says […]

  13. The Webmasters banged in with a slendid event in the face of DigitalEyez..It really was a marked success!
    Congrats to the Veeeee Peeeee!!

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