Writing a auto post bot !

Lately i have been working on a crawler or some thing like that St0L3n being mailing me again and again with his idea about auto posting on maxgrab.org well his idea was quite practical but would require loads and loads of code to be written however after final year project evaluation i had quite plenty of time to do stuff so i dived into it. What he wanted is to have some crawler that crawl X number of forums(PHPBB) one and fetch out the posts which have 0 replies and post it on the vBulletin Forum maxgrab.org !!


Well it was quite massy job however i am able to scrap links from those forums but it still needs to enhanced by design i would be doing that sooner or later but for now i have left working on it. It crawls the webs scraps posts and post it on my forum making it more abstract require little time but being a HARAM Khor its my duty to left it aside and play Cricket 2007 isn’t it 😉

Between i am willing to sell this script in a very minimum price hmm approx 25k PKR perhaps b/c i want to buy my girl a video cam :p ROFL ! (Kiddin 😉


~ by Azeem on June 26, 2008.

7 Responses to “Writing a auto post bot !”

  1. Code for sale … 😀 Why don’t you sell it to st0l3n? And the auto generated posts are funny:

    * Um, wow.
    * GMC Marks Million
    * Okay to copy-paste, but how about a link and credit?

    Good luck, AA! I’ll probably need to buy your services for our FYP project. You’ll be rich.

  2. He’s a mufta like me he wont buy it i know him :p

  3. white usa sea university tree

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  5. yar i like your work.. by the way … can i have some of your help i searched you by google. i want to have a software which post automatically from rss to my blog.

  6. That depends ? do let me know what i can help you with 🙂

  7. can i download?

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