The Online Story

The Online Story

I have been assosiated with Online :p the annual publication of fast a magazine that shows how cool fastians are unfortunately we dont got a cool faculty incharge he wants online to be just like prospectus No Joys or emotions of fastian should reflect init and i think it’s bullshit! Just made the cartoon for fun check it out 😀


~ by Azeem on June 27, 2008.

7 Responses to “The Online Story”

  1. by PM do you mean Pervez Mohsin…if yes…please I want his email ID…

  2. yup his email is pervez.mohsin {at} nu {dot} edu {dot} pk

  3. Reminds me of my old days..I so used to hate glitches as well…sigh..

  4. FYI According to PM Online should not be published because it contains stuff that would anger the west (ROFL!) so i guess its not publishing this year !

  5. Zain got a haircut!

  6. You have no idea, how much thankful I am…he is one of the people who changed my life…

  7. Well 0_o Hina not saying any thing bad to PM now

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