Life Continues..!

Hey there all !! here i am blogging after a long time ! isn’t it any ways there’s quite alot of things happening around now a days ! Waking up at 8 going to work .. Getting back at approx 7 then Laptop till midnight or 4 :p

Finally a graduate ! Hoh! relief but things are not shaping up yet !! I just joined TPS a week back in there team which makes Internet Banking Solution i.e. PRISM !  messing around its code debugging all the time as my supervisor suggested me to do. I joined TPS at 15th thought of going to UAE to my dad but things didn’t get shaped for it as my Grand mother had a tragic accident and my dad have to come over here.

The 2004 batch of fast had some of the most top-notch rocket scientist programmers in it most of them had an offer before being graduate and they joined in job soon after being grad.. not true for me because i wanted a brake (Chutti bar baar nahi milti na ) The Cream Coder of the batch were

Yasir Safeer(TechLogix),

Anis Noor ali(TPS),

Beena Khan(TPS),

Nazia Sirajuddin(Systems),

Tanveer ul islam(iVenster),

Arif(Net pace),

Faisal Abdi(Folio3).

Above mentioned people i considered to be cream programmers Offcourse not including my self  :p

neways.!! lets see what’s next  🙂


~ by Azeem on July 21, 2008.

One Response to “Life Continues..!”

  1. Best of luck Azim! 🙂

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