Decision Making Ability!

Some People are very good in it.. Some are very bad . I dont know what do you guys think about me. But anyways all of the sudden i thought i should jodd down what steps i usually take to bring about a decision.

1st :  Look things with a Pessimist eye and evaluate the worse that can happen!

2nd : Look things with a Optimistic eye and evaluate the best that can happen!

3rd :  Evaulate the probability of happening the both or one.

4th :  How many people would be affected by your decision.

5th :  What if things don’t get as per planned.

6th :  Is there any way to change things if they dont go with the plan !

7th : Backup Plan ( The most cruitial stuff )

After asking above mentioned question to myself i decide what to do next . Decision making ability is natural for every one. However Decision that have been made in hassel and that affect quite alot people should be rolled back . Evaluating there impact is cruicial and changes are not often welcome by every one around. Some thing good is bad for someone else . However if this is not possible one should try to mold things as per circumstances and support the decision he/she have taken . But offcourse supporting a decision that you know would only get things worse is unrational/unrealistic. Thats my way of making decisions all the good decision maker would agree with me regarding 7th point the be the most cruitial isnt it ? ;).


~ by Azeem on August 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Decision Making Ability!”

  1. This only holds good for the ones that we have time to think about, a lot of times it is only split second decisions, the ones that Malcolm Gladwell talks about in his book Blink.

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  3. I’d somewhat agree to your plan, Azeem. Some people really need to learn though! There are several people who can be effected by the decisions you take, organizations may grow or fall apart! While making decisions, personal favoritism and personal interests should be kept aside!

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