Google Chrome RIP! — Firefox Way to go!

Well at first when i knew about this new browser coming along the way i was eager to try it out and i did ! It looked awsome at first ! however being chatting around #hackphreak after few hours i realised someone over there posted a url that suggested webkit of chrome to be vulnearble booh! however it wasn’t that serve it was just a unrecognizable content type that google chrome downloads directly without prompting user.. not serve i can still use chrome any way but soon after that a DoS vulnerability and then a remote BOF! I will stick around with Firefox for now and would look forward Google to fix it up and release a STABLE Version 😉


~ by Azeem on September 5, 2008.

5 Responses to “Google Chrome RIP! — Firefox Way to go!”

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  2. Same goes for me. I was really excited about Chrome, but after getting to know its vulnerabilities and crappy TOS – I would prefer to stick to FireFox 3!

  3. The only thing that’s disappointing me about Firefox 3 is not even firefox’s fault. The realplayer team ought to post an updated plugin for firefox 3. I hate opening webpages in realplayer or ie just to download streaming media.

  4. i remember there was a tweak that disables it.. couldn’t recall it but there is some thing that does what you’re looking for.

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