Some Ground Realities.

It’s being long since i posted some worth reading stuff and i still don’t know if this post would be worth reading or not.. anyways quite loads of things happening and that too very fast. Politically i am a very moderate personality i don’t like Paki Politics it sucks ! We aren’t democratic in any sense. Couple of weeks back our house was robbed we weren’t in the house and some one intruded while i went out to get police if found an SHO of God knows what area on my way i told him the story of us being robbed and he was like “Why do you have to leave your house locked up don’t you know how dangerous it’s to leave the house locked up now a days” . I was amused by his reply ! Inside i felt like i should tell him “TO FUCK OFF!” though the circumstances didn’t allowed me to we got back home they investigated my home fortunately SHO Of my locality came in as well a young guy with a dashing personality he was an totally different form that Jackass a person who you can talk with very helpful guy and he helped me up with every thing he could. Though this post is not about Police being jerk or helpful its about the Peace of Karachi getting worst and worst i just came to know that one of my relative was gun shot for not giving the “bhatta” a new tradition of “parchi” is on the boom if you go to the area’s in Karachi south i.e. ( Tower,Kharadar,Nayabad,Moosalane,Lee-market,Lyari and other areas that comes in Karachi South. ) I happen to have a chat with my relative he told me the story of the “Parchi” A guy would come up at your shop a baloch mostly and would hand you out an envelope with an amount written on it and on the same day you will get a call on how to deliver that amount if you manage to say no get ready for the first episode .. that would be a firing at your workplace/shop and if you happen to face the first episode you will get a call on the same day weather u still want to resist or not and mostly u will not but if u manage to resist still your family would happen to get your dead body quite soon they happen to know each and every thing about you there are three man groups active in there Jango,Rehman Dakait , Arshad Pappu . Rehman and Arshad Control there every day works from with in the jail how ever Jango is being ruled by some unknown sources.

There is being a recent loot in Iqbal Market robbing 40 Shops at a single time by one of the group the people of these localities are no more secure in any way i would say musharaf period was way too good because there’s being rumors that Rehman is one of the great follower/Supporter of bhutoo. Government should take some bold step to wipe these terrorists out of the country rather then going for international terrorism Pakistan itself is being very unfair with these people ? You people might say why the fuck did you said that ? Well they people were the first to come here Karachi was the place of “Machaira’s” and before any one here they were here and they are still there being “Machairas” Every one except them got flourish in karachi government should gave them opportunities and make them stand out in a suitable place as to wipe off these issues. anyways.. that’s my opinion what do you guys think ? 😉

Some vidz i came across.


~ by Azeem on November 9, 2008.

5 Responses to “Some Ground Realities.”

  1. that’s really hard serching dudes

  2. Well, from a reliable source I got to know that Benazir Bhutto was escorted in Rehman Dacait’s vehicle after the blast on Oct 18.


    May Allah be your family’s protector.

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  4. I heard the same..! Hina we can only pray for the betterment..

  5. Thats not true Hina

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