Random Rantings!

Write now am pissed !! And Where else to go with your frustrations !! Offcourse your blog !

— When some random friend of your’s talk shit ! What would u do ! Slap the shit out of him/her ?! Or say him/her  to fuck off !

Well the things are pretty straight if you do what i just said above.! But you simply can’t on times you can’t!

Then what are the ways to topify ! or to say things indirectly!

1. Simply stop talking with him/her. ! ( The best way though they GAY one )!.

2. Be Quick Pick up a phone call some one who’s your friend and his/her friend as well go on with your pitty story and in the end when the guy asks you why are you telling him all the shit simply ask him to call back that shit hoe and say him/her to fuckk off from your side.

3. Be nice be gently give a smile and with all the emotions filled over your face ask him ! Is it that what you deserve.! and if he/she reply back with yes ! this is what you deserve see the line starting with “–” .

4. Put your self in his/her place ask yourself a question that “what if ” at his place and if still the things look wierd go to line starting with  “–”

Well this is it from me but you guys can add up what ever you think in it .. to make the list more comprehensive.


~ by Azeem on March 22, 2009.

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